In December 1987, Krumbly Burger restaurant in Troy, MO opened its doors. It was first located in Tyme Square off Hwy 47 and relocated to a brand new building across 47 to Front Street just a few years later. In 2002, they again relocated across the street to a newly designed building where they are still located today. This location offers. a small meeting room that is available for customers on a first come first serve basis and can be reserved ahead of time for meetings or family gatherings.

KB was originally operated by Matt and Janet Bass, with silent parteners, Ted and Clara Bass. It has truly been a family owned and operated business, Ted passed away in May of 1996, but you can still find Clara helping out on a daily basis. Janet has been lifelong resident of Lincoln County and Matt moved here in 1981, when his dad became the pastor of Asbury Methodist Church. Over the years they have had great dedicated employees along with their children who have helped run the business.

You will not find KB to be an ordinary fast food restaurant. The burgers are flavored with a unique blend of seasonings and cooked in a specially designed cooker, which drains off 87% of the fat. The buns are steamed to freshness and then dressed to the customers' specifications. The wide variety menu allows for something for everyone in the family, including chicken wraps, taco salad bowls, burritos, tacos, catfish, shrimp, and more! All of the fried items are made in trans-fat free oil.

The customers are important to the owners at Krumbly Burger and they enjoy meeting people and getting to know them and their families.